About Fantom Cues

Fantom Cues was founded by long time billiard industry veteran, Link Pendley.

Link has been in the industry for over 30 years and has held such positions as:
  • President of International Billiard Products
  • Vice-President of Global Sales for McDermott Cue Mfg.
  • Vice-President of International Sales for Brunswick Billiards.
  • Vice-President of International Sales for Valley-Dynamo.
  • National Tournament Director for Tornado Table Soccer, and many others.

Link also owned one of the largest pool rooms in Oklahoma for 10 years and operated the world’s largest foosball route for 15 years.

He ran the Valley Gold Dart Tour and has been on the Board of Directors of the Valley National Eight-ball Association and Valley International Foosball Association. He has also held positions on various international committees of industry associations. Link is well known and well respected by all the major names in the industry.

All of this experience told him what players want in a fine hand made pool cue. His experience with McDermott and other cue companies allowed him to see the highs and lows of full production cue manufacturing.

Link also worked with many of the world’s most famous cue makers. When he decided to launch Fantom Cues he immediately knew who would make them for him. Though he remains anonymous, this cue maker builds several of the most famous cue brands in the world!

Every Fantom cue comes with a Lifetime Guarantee that even includes warpage! If any Fantom cue ever fails for any reason other than normal wear and tear, Fantom will replace it free of charge and even pay the freight! That is how much confidence we have in Fantom cues! We think you will like them too!



Fantom Cue Services & Information


  • Fantom Cues builds the best looking, best hitting, and longest lasting pool cues in the world in their respective categories. We believe in these cues, and no finer ones can be bought at the prices we offer. Fantom Cues are built by one of the world’s most famous cue makers, and everyone one of them carries a Lifetime Guarantee that even includes warpage. They will allow you to develop your most consistent game, give you a never ending solid hit, feel more balanced and comfortable in your hand than any other cue, and give you a lifetime of service. Anything else is not quite as good or as easy to sell.

  • Who we sell to is one of the most interesting things about Fantom Cues. We sell to specialty billiard retailers, large cue distributors, pool table manufacturers, and Direct to the Public!

  • Shipping and Customer Service – One of the challenges that people face when buying off the Internet is concern over the type of service they will receive.
    • Will their questions be answered?
    • Will their item be shipped in a timely manner?
    • Will the item they receive be the one they bought?
    • Will the item meet or exceed the claims made on it?
    • Will it perform as advertised?
    • What if there is a problem with the item?
    • Can hey expect the warranty to be of any value?
    • What is the turnaround time if there is a problem?

    The fact that so many people have to ask themselves these and other questions is testimony to the number of problems that consumers have had when buying from the Internet. Smart Internet sellers know that if they want to not only keep their customers, but also create the world’s best advertising, known as ‘word-of-mouth,’ they must do everything in their power to insure that every one of their customers has the perfect buying experience in every way. In recent years this has become obvious and actually something rather easy to measure. With the phenomenal growth of eBay many new business models and practices came into play. Buyers and sellers on eBay are both graded on their performance, and that grade stays with them, forever visible on eBay. The number that follows a buyer or seller’s name is his total number of transactions. Click on that and you will see their rating. A perfect score is 100%. To see how Fantom Cues stacks up go to eBay and search for Fantomfoos Cues. In over 1000 transactions they have a perfect score of 100%!

  • International customers face similar issues and have even more concern when buying not just off the Internet, but also from a foreign country. Fantom’s owner has over 20 years of international sales experience in the billiard industry. He gets the lowest transport quotes, ships in the shortest amount of time, provides all the necessary documents, and works with international customers to make their buying experience enjoyable and trouble free.

  • Favorable Pricing – Fantom Cues are intentionally under priced compared to their inherent value so that everyone can have a great pool cue to shoot great pool with! Suggested retail prices start at only $99! No other cue manufacturer in the world offers a high quality cue with interchangeable weight bolt system and Lifetime Guarantee at prices these low. Add to that the beautiful woods and materials used in Fantom cues, the skilled craftsmanship of the cue artisans, and the overall performance of a Fantom cue, and you have a cue that could easily sell for double the suggested retail price! There is no better cue in the world at these price points than a Fantom Cue!

  • Representatives You Know and Trust – Link Pendley, President of International Billiard Products, and James Griffiths, International Consultant for International Billiard Products, have over 50 years experience in international sales with companies such as Brunswick Bowling & Billiards, Valley Recreation Products, Valley-Dynamo, Tornado Foosball, McDermott Handcrafted Cues, and others. These men are well known and respected throughout the international billiard community for their abilities and experience. You cannot go wrong with a representative that you know and trust!

  • Experts in International Trade - Our staff has over 50 years experience in international sales of billiard industry products. You will never have to worry about issues with transport, quality, scheduling, and more. We work with you and your forwarders or appoint them for you to be certain all documents are included and correct and that you always pay the lowest possible cost for transport. We understand the differences in international trade, landed costs, and the various laws that affect each country, and we always take all the extra precautions to insure your shipment is on time and correct. All our products are quality inspected more times for international shipments to guarantee you get the quality you expect. International Billiard Products takes all the worry out of doing business with U.S. based companies!


"Fantom Has A Cue For You!"


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